a stroke on the quill

A stroke of the quill upon the paper;
Yet with that simple gesture brought
The mightiest army out of its hiding-
The power of unadulterated thought.

The beginning of a Crusade of Truth
Delivered not by the Sword nor Staff
Yet rather with a single, lone mind…
Not for self, but on posterity’s behalf.

The Reckoning of Reality formed
In the Quiet Rebellion of Solitude
The medium of the future contained
In what the readers may now conclude.

The power’s vested in the hearts of all
Yet the will to rise forth is held by few,
Despite the words ringing out loudly
They are no good if not used for a Coup!

So throw up down your vile weaponry
And raise up your voices in utter protest!
Rise up with the truth that no army can stop
And use your ink reeds for Verity’s Quest.

Again, it all starts with the stroke of a quill,
With one person. One idea. One belief.
Rage against the fallacies of society…
And make doubters cry in disbelief.

For the only thing mightier than the gods
Are the Titans who remain alongside their ideals.
To be frank, we need more people to stand up
And show society how each of us truly feels.

So I, for one, shall write on, despite lack of hope
Because the only thing left to do in this world
Is to birth new concepts, new motifs, and open
The wings of ideas who have still not unfurled

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gelukt .... 'k heb m'n beste beentje voorgezet en adh van vertalingen en heel aandachtig lezen en herlezen ...toch het meeste kunnen begrijpen ! :-) schrijf maar gemke .....('k hoop niet teveel in't zware engels!!;-))

Gepost door: franca | 11-07-03

english go ahead en bring the best all out in the open !!

inspire yourself be a muse to oneself and whomever it also wants you to be :-)

nice very very nice gemmeke

Gepost door: luna | 18-07-03

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